Brand Development

Making a NYC-based product into an NYC icon.

When we began working together, no one knew NYC real estate better than StreetEasy—but they looked, talked, and acted just like many other national online real estate brands. In a few short years, our strategy, design, tone of voice, advertising, and approach to media set them apart as the native New Yorker they deserved to be.

A single headline became our North Star:

It acknowledged the hardships of New York City, but celebrated the reason we’re all here in the first place.

We refined the visual identity, focused our media buy, tested and iterated on the perfect outdoor combinations, and augmented it over the years with radio, digital, and social.

StreetEasy moved from the 8th most recognized real estate brand in NYC, to the second in the country, behind only their parent company, Zillow—even though we never ran a single ad outside of New York.

The campaigns became part of the fabric of the city -deeply loved, and shared endlessly on social media. They were pulled off the walls of the subway and sold as art on the street. Tourists would take them home or write and request posters of the ads. NYC centric publications like Gothamist, The Village Voice, The New York Times, and the NY Post wrote about them. They appeared in movies and tv shows about NY. The work was awarded for being the best of NYC advertising. StreetEasy’s audience grew, and their revenue rose 6x.